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HCG diet Miami

The Hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (known as HCG) occurs naturally during pregnancy. It is produced by the cells that create the placenta, which nutriment the egg after it has been impregnated and attached to the uterine wall. The levels are detectable on a blood analysis approximately 11 days from conception and about 12 to 14 days following conception on a urine analysis. In general, HCG levels double every 72 hours. The level achieves its peak at the first 8 to 11 weeks of pregnancy and then diminishes and stabilizes for the rest of pregnancy. This hormone is taken from pregnant women to produce the injections called HCG diet.

This diet is based on weight loss almost one pound per day. The HCG diet has a few strange rules, for example, it requires only a single vegetable at each meal, body lotions or hygiene products containing oils as well as exercises are not allowed during treatment. However, there have not been instructions on how to dose the HCG hormone yet.

How HCG works as a Weight Loss Treatment

Patients reported that the HCG reduced their appetite. This helps you to eat small portions of food. This occurs with the presence of HCG in the blood which significantly reduces appetite. In pregnant women, HCG often causes nausea in the firsts stages of pregnancy. HCG is a pro-hormone that is responsible for creating more hormones. Hormone insufficiency or inequality is one of the reasons for weight gain. In cases of thyroid, or menopause (or andropause in males), the hormone provides great assistance.

Only HCG injections have shown an increase of HCG level in blood, so that's the only satisfactory way to consume HCG until now. The way many individuals consume HCG as drops, pills or sprays are probably dissolve before achieving the blood and that does not increment blood rates; this would be the same as not taking anything. Injections are the only proven method of taking HCG. Injections should only be applied under doctor supervision.

HCG injections help in keeping muscular mass while dieting and raising the levels of hormones in the body, as well as testosterone. The HCG hormone generates an anabolic state (muscle building) that counteracts the catabolic state (muscle-break). There are hormone receptors on muscular fibers that acknowledge the increasing hormone rates in patients consuming the HCG. This is important to know since during the diet there is a dramatic weight loss and muscle loss, due to the muscle weight. Losing muscle is bad for the body, the shape and metabolism. The metabolism slows down so that the patient gets the weight fast and often gets all the weight back that had lost previously. In addition, it will take a great effort to rebuild the muscle.

Weight Loss Miami

Using HCG is protecting muscle loss. The great results are that you can become more agile, use a smaller dress size and look more muscular. This allows strengthening the metabolism and helps people maintain weight loss for a long time after the diet is complete.

Ideal candidates for the HCG Diet Miami

Before we can determine whether HCG is recommended for you, it is suggested to have lab work done previously.

Possible side effects of HCG weight loss treatment in Miami

Headaches: continuous headaches may occur during the beginning of the diet with the HCG treatment due to decreased calories intake, which cause hypoglycaemia until the body can adjust to the new diet.

Anemia: decreased function of the thyroid, bone loss and decrease in the immune system.

Gallstones: Rapid weight loss and successive weight gain after leaving the HCG diet can increment the chances of developing gallstones, which are small clusters of solid material that are formed in the gallbladder and usually are composed of cholesterol. Gallstones can cause several symptoms such as pain and indigestion.

Anxiety: Any diet produces anxiety and the need to eat.

Stress: Due to the control that should be in the consumption of calories and be aware of all the foods that should be eaten could come to feel a great deal of stress.

The Benefits of HCG weight loss treatment in Miami

Weight loss is an important trend in today's society. Unhealthy foods are cheap and easy to get, and our lifestyle is becoming increasingly sedentary as time passes. With the advent of computers and the Internet, many people are able to earn a living without resorting to manual labor. As technology improves our lives amazingly, is also contributing to our health get worse. In Eres Plastic Surgery we have the innovative method of the HCG hormone injections in order to provide our patients the best way to lose weight fast and easy. We mention only some of the advantages of using HCG for weight loss:

  • Weight loss is achieved through daily injections of HCG hormone and a diet of 500 calories. The HCG releases fat reserves in the bloodstream to be used as energy throughout the day. Because the fat is released through hormone injections, no need to spend hours in the gym in spare time.
  • Weight loss is can be rapid. There are different varieties of HCG diets, all designed to help you lose weight quickly and easily. The HCG shortest diet protocol lasts only 15 days and causes weight loss results of 20 pounds. The longest runs for 90 days and can help you lose up to 90 pounds of body fat.
  • The 500 calorie diet comes with a list of approved foods. This list does not contain starches or sugars and include lean meats, vegetables and fruit proteins. Once you are done with the HCG diet, you will have acquired the knowledge necessary to follow a healthy and balanced diet in order to keep their weight loss.
  • There are countless health benefits available to weight loss. Weight loss has been shown to reduce the effects of Diabetes Type 2 in those who are diagnosed, sometimes even completely eliminated. In addition, levels of blood sugar often stabilize the risk of heart diseases and Diabetes Type 2. Not to mention you will feel and will look great.

These are just some of the potential benefits of weight loss with actual HCG. If you're thinking of starting the HCG diet, or just want more information, then you can schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to learn more about additional benefits associated with HCG diet.

Frequently asked questions about HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in Miami

Tap water contains chlorine and affects the thyroid.

No. Because HCG discharges your fat reserves, your body begins to "consume" the fat, which acts as a source of energy instead of food. In essence, it burns about a pound of fat each day (3500 calories). Therefore, the total daily consumption will be approximately 4,000 calories - 3,500 500 foods and grease. That is why the majority of patients do not struggle with severe hunger while using HCG.

No, when you are breast-feeding your body produces prolactin, which interferes with HCG.

HCG needs to be metabolized in the muscle.


For most patients decrease cholesterol levels.

All medications interfering with the endocrine system must be avoided during treatment. This can be discussed with one of our medical professionals.

Many patients have noticed a reduction in blood pressure. Some patients have stopped taking their medication, but this should not be done without consulting your doctor.



Extreme exercise is not recommended while completing the treatment. However, we recommend walking and other light exercise.