Dysport Miami

What is Dysport?

As we age, the emotions and expressions of our faces contribute to the lines we see when we look in the mirror. In order to combat these physical manifestations of our age, we can turn to the injectable botulinum toxin, most often used to smooth out forehead lines.

Dysport, which has been widely used in Miami for over a decade and was approved by the FDA in 2009, is a purified Botulinum toxin for cosmetic use. While it is most frequently used to diminish forehead lines, it is also helpful in reducing the appearance of Glabellar lines/frown lines and Crow's Feet, as well as reducing muscle spasms.

Dysport injections treat moderate to severe frown lines. While the patient ages, their expressions make permanent lines on their face.

To combat these frown lines, Dysport Miami is usually applied between the eyebrows. This product can also be applied on the forehead or what is known as crow’s feet on the outskirts of the eyes. It can also get rid of any bizarre muscle twitches or spasms. This treatment is actually one of the most popular used in Miami, FL. In 2009, it passed the FDA safety test.

Dysport stops the signals that are sent to the muscles. This causes the muscles to relax, giving the patients a beautiful and youthful looking face. It can also be combined with dermal filler in order to give the patients a liquid face-lift. Dysport Miami improves the bunny lines, the marionette lines and the smoker’s lines. However, most doctors prefer to use Dysport to treat the forehead lines.

Benefits of Dysport Miami

Dysport injections are used for smoothing out the lines on the face of any patient older than 65. It gives the patient youthful, smooth face. With a beautiful face, the patient’s self-esteem improves. The results can be seen right away. The patient does not need to experience a lengthy recovery period. Some variations of botulinum toxin come with local anesthesia within the injection. This mixture of anesthesia makes the injections relatively painless.

How long does Dysport last?

The effects of a Dysport Injection lasts approximately 3-4 months. For many patients, the effects of the treatment tended to last between 117 to 129 days. The patients who want to extend and keep these results should get injected again after 90 days.

Ideal Candidates for Dysport Miami

Ideally, patients who showed allergies to Botulinum should not get Dysport fillers. Also, before getting the injection, patients should not be allergic to cow proteins. They must also not have an infection in the area that will receive a Dysport filler injection. The patient must also not be pregnant nor breastfeeding. According to research, Dysport Miami works better on African American women. It tends to last a lot longer on female patients than men. Lastly, it works even better on patients who in the past had received a Dysport injection.

How does Dysport work? Dysport Injection Technique

Dysport Miami is injected into the skin with tiny needles. The procedure can be done in less than fifteen minutes. Usually, the physicians do not need to add any anesthesia. After the injections, the patient usually starts seeing results right away.

Preparations before undergoing Dysport Injection Procedure

Before getting this injectable filler, the patient should visit their doctor to check for allergies. The patients should stop smoking for at least three weeks before the injection. If the patient has any serious muscle problems, they should not get the injection. After those preliminary measures, the patient may safely get a Dysport injection.

Procedures on the Day of the Dysport Injection

On the day of the operation, the patient will sit or lie down before the doctor. The surgeon then injects the patients with a syringe that has the Dysport solution. After the injections, the patient can see immediate results. The patient does not need someone to drive them home, since doctors consider this an outpatient treatment.

Post Dysport Instructions: Recovery after Dysport Injection

Dysport Miami has virtually no recovery period. The injections do not interfere with the patient’s life. Patients also do not feel the area numb after the procedure. For a few days, the patient should not rub the injected area. If swelling occurs, the patient may apply ice or cold compressions over the areas that got injected. For some patients, doctors may advise that they remain upright for six hours. They must also avoid drinking alcohol and smoking during those six hours after the treatment.

Dysport injections side effects and risks

Dysport has some serious, rare side effects worth noting. Patients should call their plastic surgeon if these side effects come about. On the day of the consultation, they must also ask the doctors about the risks and side effects of Dysport filler.

The side effects can be seen a few hours to a few days after the injections. These risk show up more often on patients younger than 18. For that reason, doctors do not recommend these injections for any patient younger than 18. These side effects include:

  • Some Patients may experience problems talking, swallowing or breathing.
  • People with breathing problems should not get the injection in the neck, since it relaxes their neck breathing muscles.
  • Sometimes the Botulinum toxin may spread to other areas in the face.
  • If it gets into your blood, it may cause loss of strength and weakening of muscles.
  • Some adverse effects include double vision, blurred vision, or drooping eyelids.
  • Change or loss of voice and problems pronouncing the words.
  • It can also affect your bladder.
  • Some mild Nausea.
  • Dry mouth